Stefano Signetti
PhD in Solid and Structural Mechanics
Structural Engineer

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Welcome to my research webpage. Here you can find information about my scientific activity, link to publications and resources I have developed, and updates on outreach activities.

I am a structural engineer working in the fields of materials science and applied physics, currently as research scientist at the Fraunhofer Institute for High-Speed Dynamics, Ernst-Mach-Institut, EMI.

I received a PhD in Solid and Structural Mechanics from the University of Trento in 2017 (Laboratory of Bio-Inspired and Graphene Nanomechanics). From 2017 to 2019 I have been postdoctoral researcher in the Multiscale Mechanics and Materials Modeling Lab at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). Previously, I received the MSc in Structural Engineering from Politecnico di Torino and the Diploma from Alta Scuola Politecnica in 2013, and the BSc in Civil Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 2010.

My research focuses in understanding the fundamental mechanisms that govern the behavior of materials and structures under extreme conditions, such as hypervelocity impacts and shock, via multiscale and multiphysics computational simulations, from atomic to macro scale. I am also interested in developing computational strategies and tools towards a more efficient and accurate modeling of such phenomena.


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Papers published in international journals
  1. S. Signetti, F. Bosia, S. Ryu, N.M. Pugno. A combined experimental/numerical study on the scaling of impact strength and toughness in composite laminates for ballistic applications. Composites Part B: Engineering. 195:108090, 2020
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [Post-print]

  2. F. Schütt, M. Zapf, S. Signetti, J. Strobel, H. Krüger, R. Röder, J. Carstensen, N. Wolff, J. Marx, T. Carey, M. Schweichel, M.-I. Treasa, L. Siebert, H.-K. Hong, S. Kaps, B, Fiedler, Y.K. Mishra, Z. Lee, N.M. Pugno, L. Kienle, A.C. Ferrari, F. Torrisi, C. Ronning, R. Adelung. Conversionless efficient and broadband laser light diffusers for high brightness illumination applications. Nature Communications. 11:1437, 2020
    Open Access [Link to paper] [BibTeX]

  3. S. Signetti, K. Kang, N.M. Pugno, S. Ryu. Atomistic modelling of the hypervelocity dynamics of shock-compressed graphite and impacted graphene armours. Computational Materials Science. 170:109152, 2019
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [Post-print] [Video]

  4. S. Signetti, M. Nicotra, M. Colonna, N.M. Pugno. Modeling and simulation of the impact behavior of soft polymeric-foam-based back protectors for winter sports. Journal of Science and Medicine in Sports. 22:S65-S70, 2019
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [Post-print]

  5. S. Signetti, X. Chen, C-H. Ke, N.M. Pugno. A numerical–experimental approach towards picomechanics and picotribology: the case study of defective carbon nanotubes bundles. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics. 52(25):255305, 2019
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [Post-print] [Videos: 1 2 3]

  6. M. Tripathi, F. Awaja, R.A. Bizão, S. Signetti, E. Iacob, G. Paolicelli, S. Valeri, A.B. Dalton, N.M. Pugno. Friction and adhesion of different structural defects of graphene. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 10(51):44614-44623, 2018.
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX]

  7. H. Jeong, S. Signetti, T-S. Han, S. Ryu. Phase field modeling of crack propagation under combined shear and tensile loading with hybrid formulation. Computational Materials Science. 155:483-492, 2018
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [Post-print]

  8. B. Wang, Z. Li, C. Wang, S. Signetti, B.V. Cunning, X. Wu, Y. Huang, Y. Jiang, H. Shi, S. Ryu, N.M. Pugno, R.S. Ruoff. Folding Large Graphene-on-Polymer Films Yields Laminated Composites with Enhanced Mechanical Performance. Advanced Materials. 30(35):1707449, 2018
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [Post-print] [Videos: 1 2 3 4 5 6]

  9. L. Kundanati, S. Signetti, H.S. Gupta, M. Menegon, N.M. Pugno. Multilayer stag beetle elytra perform better under external loading via non-symmetric bending properties. Journal of the Royal Society Interface. 15(144):20180427, 2018
    Open Access [Link to paper] [BibTeX]

  10. S. Signetti, S. Taioli, N.M. Pugno. 2D Material Armors Showing Superior Impact Strength of Few Layers. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 9(46):40820-40830, 2017
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  11. F. Schütt, S. Signetti, H. Krüger, S. Röder, D. Smazna, S. Kaps, S.N. Gorb, Y.K. Mishra, N.M. Pugno, R. Adelung. Hierarchical self-entangled carbon nanotube tube networks. Nature Communications. 8:1215, 2017
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  12. M. Moncalero, S. Signetti, B. Mazzanti, P. Bruzzi, N.M. Pugno, M. Colonna. Effect of material elastic properties and surface roughness on grip performances of ski boot soles under wet and icy conditions. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. 61:62-70, 2017
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  13. R. Meija, S. Signetti*, A. Schuchardt, K. Meurisch, D. Smazna, M. Mecklenburg, K. Schulte, D. Erts, O. Lupan, B. Fiedler, Y.K. Mishra, R. Adelung, N.M. Pugno. Nanomechanics of individual aerographite tetrapods. Nature Communications. 8:14982, 2017
    Open Access [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [*co-first author]

  14. S. Signetti, F. Bosia, N.M. Pugno. Computational modeling of the mechanics of hierarchical materials. MRS Bulletin. 41:694-699, 2016
    [Link to paper] [BibTeX] [Post-print]

  15. L. Valentini, S. Bittolo Bon, S. Signetti, M. Tripathi, E. Iacob, N.M. Pugno. Fermentation based carbon nanotube multifunctional bionic composites. Scientific Reports. 6:27301, 2016
    Open Access [Link to paper] [BibTeX]

  16. Q. Chen, Q. Shi, S. Signetti, F. Sun, Z. Li, F. Zhu, S. He, N.M. Pugno. Plastic collapse of cylindrical shell-plate periodic honeycombs under uniaxial compression: experimental and numerical analyses. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences. 111:125-133, 2016
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  17. X. Chen, M. Zheng, Q. Wei, S. Signetti, N.M. Pugno, C.-H. Ke. Deformation of Nanotubes in Peeling Contact with Flat Substrate: an in situ Electron Microscopy Nanomechanical Study. Journal of Applied Physics. 119:154305, 2016
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  18. L. Valentini, S. Bittolo Bon, S. Signetti, N.M. Pugno. Graphene-Based Bionic Composites with Multifunctional and Repairing Properties. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 8:7607–7612, 2016
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  19. M. Tripathi, F. Awaja, G. Paolicelli, R. Bartali, E. Iacob, S. Valeri, S. Ryu, S. Signetti, G. Speranza, N.M. Pugno. Tribological characteristics of few layers graphene over Ni grain and interface boundaries. Nanoscale. 8:6646-6658, 2016
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  20. S. Signetti, N.M. Pugno. Frontiers in modeling and design of bio-inspired armors. Frontiers in Materials. 2:17, 2015
    Open Access [Link to paper] [BibTeX]

  21. S. Signetti, N.M. Pugno. Evidence of optimal interfaces in bio-inspired ceramic-composite panels for superior ballistic protection. Journal of the European Ceramic Society. 34:2823-2831, 2014
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Contribution in refereed international volumes
  1. S. Signetti, N.M. Pugno. Modeling and Simulation of Bio-Inspired Nanoarmors. In: Handbook of Mechanics of Materials. Springer Nature Singapore Ltd., 2018. ISBN:978-981-10-6855-3
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  2. L. Valentini, S. Bittolo Bon, S. Signetti, N.M. Pugno. Graphene- and Carbon Nanotubes-Yeast Bionicomposites. In: GraphITA 2015 - Selected papers from the Workshop on Synthesis, Characterization and Technological Exploitation of Graphene and 2D Materials Beyond Graphene. Springer International Publishing, 211-221, 2017. ISBN:978-3-319-58132-3
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